Title IX Respondent Educational Programs

Most institutions include informal resolution in their sexual misconduct policies. In the policy development process, an analysis of how this policy will address potential misconduct requires thoughtful intention and planning.

When pursuing informal resolution, especially grounded in restorative justice, reporters often hope the respondent can learn from their problematic behavior by engaging in restorative and educational opportunities. Reporters express wanting the respondent to understand how the incident impacted them, encouraging future behavior change. By creating and offering learning environments specific to respondents, we are often able to meet this need.

At Title IX Consult, LLC, we create and maintain learning environments designed for those who have been accused and/or found responsible for sexual misconduct under institutional policy. In consultation with our clients, we develop individual workshops targeting prohibited conduct:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment/Gender Violence
  • Interpersonal (Dating/Domestic) Violence
  • Stalking

Through a restorative justice lens, we utilize rapport building and motivational interviewing to create a shame-free, no-judgment environment for respondents that promotes perspective-taking, self-reflection, and overall behavior change.

Our finalized product consists of a facilitator guide tailored to and grounded in our client’s institutional policies, practices, procedures, and philosophies. This guide is a tool for facilitating skill-building workshops offered as part of an informal resolution process and/or as an educational sanction following a formal grievance process.

Because there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to implementing restorative practices, we collaborate with our clients to custom-build their modules in a way that caters to their unique needs.