Compliance Audit

Clients often seek our services feeling overwhelmed, underinformed, and unsure where to begin. Our practical approach will transform an intimidating audit process into a manageable, collaborative project. We work one-on-one with institutions to identify their biggest compliance needs and focus our attention to have the greatest, most permanent impact possible.

Claims Audit

Reviewing all reported sexual harassment incidents is a valuable part of ensuring Title IX compliance.

Our comprehensive claims audit process includes:

  • reviewing the initial response to the incident.
  • determining if external reporting requirements were met.
  • deciding whether the institution’s Title IX policies and processes were followed.
  • examining if bias or stereotyping impacted the final decision.
  • reviewing the adequacy of the investigation.
  • confirming if final determinations were supported by the evidence and policy was applied accurately.

The client determines the scope of the review, and our team provides conclusions in a useful format for clients to make needed changes.

Skills and Practices Audit

Your school may practice procedures compliant with federal and state law but fall short in educating staff on Title IX policy. Through reviews, focus groups, and interviews, we will identify and address any gaps in your staff’s Title IX knowledge and skill set.

Community Climate Audit

In response to a community outcry, your institution might want to learn more about its climate surrounding Title IX and how to best meet these needs in practice. In working with your staff, we can develop community outreach, surveys, and focus groups to understand the practical challenges in Title IX enforcement and ensure the community understands the efforts and work of the Title IX office.