Compliance Audit

Many of our clients have sought our assistance without an idea of where to begin. Our “calm in chaos” approach allows us to turn an intimidating audit of an institution’s Title IX program into a manageable project. We work collaboratively to identify where the institution’s biggest need is and focus our attention to have the greatest impact. We work with both large and small institutions, and tailor our solutions to the institution’s budget because we fundamentally believe in supporting Title IX’s goal of continuing access to education programs and activities for all students.

Claims Audit

A thorough review of all sexual harassment incidents reported to administration and the Title IX Office is valuable. We review the initial response to the incident, determine if external reporting requirements were met, whether the Title IX and institution’s policies and processes were followed, examine if bias or stereotyping impacted the final decision, determine the adequacy of the investigation, and confirm if final determinations were supported by the evidence and policy was applied accurately. The scope of the review is set by the client and the conclusions are delivered in the most useful format for client action.

Skills and Practices Audit

A school may have adopted policies and procedure that meet the letter of the law but failed to properly educate their staff to administer the policies properly. Through reviews, focus groups, and interviews, we can identify any gaps in the knowledge and skills set of the administrators as well as provide any necessary training.

Community Climate Audit

In response to outcry from the community, an institution may wish to learn more about the community’s needs and how to better meet these needs in practice. Working with your staff, we can develop community outreach, surveys, and focus groups to understand the practical challenges in Title IX enforcement and ensure the community understands the efforts and work of the Title IX office.