Title IX Informal Resolution

As Title IX practitioners, we recognize the challenges in providing a required process that is time-consuming, complex, and ever-changing. When appropriate, an informal resolution process can provide a thoughtful and empathetic response.

Our team brings a unique approach to informal resolution, incorporating informal resolution best practices, mediation techniques (as appropriate), and restorative justice practices. If you have not yet adopted an informal process, we can articulate the process for the parties and support a reasoned solution brought about through the consensus of the parties.

We believe the informal process should include three key elements:

  1. Acknowledgement and need for emotional support for the parties to ensure their education is not jeopardized;
  2. A fair, impartial process that is tailored to the needs of the parties;
  3. A negotiated conclusion that addresses the needs of the parties and the institution that is grounded in restorative practices

We offer this important solution to help parties resolve a conflict that may not be addressed adequately through the Title IX process. Our informal resolutions always address the broader harms a community may face after a Title IX matter arises.