Other Title IX Services

We provide customized services to meet your institution’s unique needs. With our depth of Title IX knowledge in law, educational administration, and a practical lens, we create a variety of flexible, tailored solutions.

Some of these services include:

Title IX Advocacy

As trained Title IX experts, we are able to serve as individual, 1:1 Title IX Advocates who will provide process support, resources, and education to both protect and advocate for our client. Title IX advocacy services are available for individuals who may be experiencing sexual harassment, sex-based discrimination/violence, sexual assault, and/or more in their educational program or activity. 

Serving as a Keynote Speaker

As experienced presenters, our staff provides insight into the current Title IX environment for colleges, K12s, and private schools as well as vast experience as Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Hearing Officers, and Appeal Officers.

Coaching Employee-Respondents in Title IX

Institutions are often challenged in disciplining employees who hold long-term or tenured positions. In order to alter problematic behavior and ensure the safety of the community, we provide expert-level coaching for employee-respondents. Our experts understand the process, can identify the troubling behavior, and coach an employee to change that behavior.

Providing Expert Service

Under certain circumstances, we will provide expert services through testimony or external support to institutions, their insurers, litigation counsel, and/or mediators or arbitration resolution specialists.

Non-Education Clients

While we work mainly with K12 and Higher Education clients, Title IX Consult, LLC is well equipped to support clients that are not education-based. Our staff are well-trained experts in sexual harassment and sexual assault, and can support these related cases in the workplace and other organizations, as well.