Other Title IX Services

Our team is available to provide customized services to meet the needs of your institution.  With the depth of knowledge of Title IX law, educational administration, and a practical lens, we can provide a variety of solutions for your institution. Some examples of these services include:

Serving as a Keynote Speaker

As experienced presenters, our staff can provide insight into the current environment for Title IX for colleges, universities, K12s, and private schools as well as on-the-ground experience as Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Hearing Officer, and Appeal Officer.

Coaching Employees-Respondents in Title IX

Educational institutions often face challenges in disciplining employees who hold long-term and tenured positions. In order to alter bad behavior and/or ensure the safety of their community, institutions seek high-level coaching for employee respondents from experts who understand the process, can identify the troubling behavior, and coach an employee to change behavior.

Providing Expert Service

Under certain circumstances, we will work to provide expert services through testimony or external support to institutions, their insurers, litigation counsel, and/or mediators or arbitration resolution specialists.