Outsourced Title IX Coordinator

Because of the high turnover in a Title IX office, and in particular the Title IX Coordinator role which historically has a tenure of two to three years, campuses are often seeking support for their office. Our team can step in and provide assistance with the Title IX Coordinator role and all supporting services. As Interim Title IX Coordinator, we can assess the current needs of the office and provide oversight, investigation, and training.

We often work with a school to fill the permanent positions in the Title IX office by reviewing and revising job descriptions, participating in interviews, and staying through the job transition to provide support and training. In short, we can assist you with the vacancies in your office, build capacity of staff, and assist in securing a permanent candidate for the position.

In some instances, we have been called to assist institutions multiple times as they find the right fit for their office. Our clients frequently comment on the depth of expertise that we provide, our ability to connect with current staff, and how quickly we accomplish the goal of properly staffing the Title IX office for the institution’s future.