Megan Farrell serves as an advisor and consultant to educational institutions with a focus on Title IX compliance. Her approach provides practical, reasoned advice to universities, colleges, and K12 Schools who are creating a culture of compliance.

How Can I Help You with Title IX Compliance?

  • Title IX Initial Response - Consultation about responding to complaint under Title IX New Rule from initial report through dismissal/assignment of investigator
  • Title IX Training Package - Training package includes: 1) Title IX for Employees; 2) Title IX Administrators (including Decision-Maker); 3) Hearing Panel/Officers (available individually and combined)
  • Title IX Informal Resolution - Incorporates best practices from the law, regulations, mediation, and restorative justice to resolve matters prior to investigation and hearing
  • Title IX Advisor Services - Serve as advisor to parties in Title IX hearing process.

Customized Services

If you are in need of immediate assistance, schedule an informational call with me.